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Project Overiew

DeepLawn is a cutting-edge sales tool designed exclusively for lawn care and pest control companies, aimed at transforming their sales processes and boosting business growth. This innovative platform leverages advanced technology to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and maximize revenue potential.

DeepLawn empowers lawn care and pest control companies to streamline their sales processes, reduce operational inefficiencies, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth. With its powerful features and data-driven approach, DeepLawn is set to revolutionize the industry, enabling companies to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Key Features

Automatic Lawn Measurements

Using advanced tools like satellite imagery and drones, it provides precise measurements, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual calculations.

Sales and Lead Management Suite

It offers lead generation, contact management, sales tracking, and insightful reporting. DeepLawn assists sales teams in prioritizing and nurturing leads, ultimately driving revenue growth through effective customer relationship management.

High-Resolution Imagery

DeepLawn incorporates high-definition (HD) imagery capabilities, enabling companies to showcase their work with stunning visual clarity. This feature aids in presenting landscaping designs, identifying lawn issues, and offering clients a clear view of service quality.

Customer Relationship Management

It provides a comprehensive CRM system to manage customer information, preferences, and service histories, allowing companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our Process

Planning and Analysis

Define project scope, objectives, target audience, and set clear goals with a detailed roadmap for development.

Design and Development

Create a user-friendly platform with essential features like measurements, sales tools, and HD imagery.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thoroughly test for bugs, usability, security, and performance to ensure a robust and reliable platform.

Deployment and Maintenance

Launch the platform and provide ongoing updates, security patches, and enhancements to maintain reliability.


These outcomes signify the project’s success in enhancing sales, customer engagement, and operational efficiency for lawn care and pest control companies.

30 %

Increased Sales Conversion

25 %

Improved Customer Satisfaction

15 %


50 %


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